Local tour is taking a walk around Sembalun village with one of our experienced guides. It’s your chance to learn about local culture and tradition, and meet many local people. Choose one or combine several of our local tours to enrich your holiday experience.

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Half day tour

Destinations include black smith, traditionalmarket, and handweaving. This tour includes a coffee break at the handweaving.

Full day tour

Destinations include Black smith, traditional market, handweaving, traditional houses, bamboo garden, Selong Hill, local farms and rice fields. This tour includes a light lunch at the traditional houses.

sembalun village   Local Tour by Rinjani STT Lombok

For a truly unique experience you can request to visit the traditional music in the evening, please allow a days notice for this special tour so our local musicians can prepare for your arrival!


The Sembalun black smith uses ancient traditional methods to make tools for farming and gardening.


Local women weave fabric thread by thread using a traditional loom.

The finished scarves and sarongs can take up to three weeks to complete.

Proceeds from the sale of the weaving go to directly to the women who do the work. 

Traditional Market

Spend time with local people and see how and where they shop! Traditional Market by Rinjani STT Lombok

If you wish you can buy some local food to sample. Experience the

exciting bartering system between buyers and sellers. Stop here for

a while to watch food being prepared using local ingredients and


Bamboo Garden

Take a walk through the bamboo garden and learn aboutBamboo Garden by Rinjani STT Lombok1

its many uses, and why it is so important to Sembalun people.

Each fenced section belongs to a local family.

Traditional Houses

See the site of the first houses of Sembalun and learn the

local history of the sembalun village came to be what it is today.

You may enter the housesand learn how they were

originally constructed, and the reasons why.

Local farms and rice fieldsSembalun Farm by Rinjani STT Lombok1

Sembalun’s main industry is farming and the land is managed using traditional

methods. A walk through the farms and rice fields is picturesque and

atmospheric. Meet with friendly local farmers and learn about traditional farming.

If you want you can try your hand at picking, planting or cutting rice, depending

on the season.

Selong Hill

During our walking tour we will climb Selong Hill to Sunset Hill ( Gunung Selong )

approximately100m above sea level where you can

see the beautiful view of Sembalun village and Mount Rinjani.

Traditional Music

This is truly and experience to remember, watch andlisten local

musicians play traditional instruments together and if you wish you can

learn to play along with them. The unique sound is a delight to the


If you wish to design you own local tour with us, its easy, just tell us which destinations you want to visit!