Waterfall Tour Lombok

Umar Maya Waterfall

Waterfall tour lombok, Umar Maya waterfall Located on the slope of Gunung Rinjani, in Sembalun, just 15 minutes from the ticket collection office,  this waterfall offers you a wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of nature. Marvel at the blue green water that flows from Gunung Rinjani and feel the cool fresh air around you. ”Umar Maya” is the first waterfall on the waterfall tour.

Waterfall Tour Lombok

Madu Waterfall

Just 20 minutes from “Umar Maya” is “Madu” waterfall. Amazingly different to Umar Maya, Madu is a taller waterfall with a lovely pool where you can enjoy a swim in the cool green water that flows from Gunung Rinjani.a higher green coloured water flows from a greater height from the slope of Gunung Rinjani.

Waterfall tour package      Waterfall Tour Lombok


Itinary Program:

  • Hotel
  • Sembalun Traditonal Houses
  • Umar Maya Waterfall
  • Madu Waterfall
  • Sajang Coco Garden
  • Return to Hotel

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